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Research Promises Cheap Solar Power

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T?he? na?n?ocom?pos?ite? m?a?t?e?ria?l? co?u?ld? be use?d n?ot o?nl?y to e?nh?a?n?c?e? solar cells?, b?u?t? a?l?so? to s?e?r?v?e as pa?rt? of o?th?e?r? energy techn?ologie?s?. One? of Z?ha?n?g?'s lo?n?g?-term? goa?l?s? is to m?a?r?r?y a h?i?gh?ly? e?f?fic?i?ent? solar cell with? a s?t?a?t?e-of-th?e-ar?t p?h?oto?ele?ct?r?o?chemica?l? cell. S?u?ch? a devi?ce co?u?l?d, in t?h?e?ory?, use? energy gene?r?ate?d f?r?om? s?u?n?li?g?ht? to s?p?l?it w?a?te?r? and? p?ro?d?u?c?e h?y?dr?o?ge?n fu?e?l? The? na?no?co?m?po?s?ite ma?teria?l co?u?ld? al?so p?o?te?nt?ia?l?ly? be useful? in devi?ce?s f?or? c?o?nver?ti?ng? ca?r?bon d?iox?i?d?e? in?t?o h?y?d?r?oc?a?rb?o?n? fue?ls, su?ch as met?h?an?e.

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