You won’t find a baseball camp that instructs the way Professional Baseball is played, like Top Prospects. There aren’t many Instruction Schools, if any, that will work for your son to attain a college opportunity, like Top Prospects. Over the years I have been able to see firsthand young (12 to 13) players mature into college prospects and some with a chance to start their Professional careers.

Doug Deutsch, Houston Astros West Coast Cross-checker
Top-Prospects camps are the perfect opportunity for young and aspiring players to receive both quality instruction and the unique opportunity to display their talents along side collegiate coaches and professionals. The environment created by Coach Elliot and his staff brings out the most out of the talented young men every time. Top-Prospects delivers its promise!

Mark Kertenian, Recruiting Coach – CalState Northridge Baseball
The Top-Prospects Camp is a great environment for learning the game and what college coaches and pro scouts are looking for in a player.”

Coach Greg Bergeron, Cal State Fullerton
John’s Top Prospect Camps are a great tool for Division 1 baseball recruiting. The camp is well run, professional and a high class operation.

Coach Tim Burton, USC
Matt Hauser attended the Ivy League camp last summer and received strong interest from two schools – Cornell and Georgetown.

Peter Hauser
e traveled from Springdale, Arkansas so Trent could attend a Top Prospect camp in August 2007. It was well worth the trip! He came home jazzed to take baseball to the next level. I found the information provided at this camp to be very beneficial, from a parents perspective, as to what to expect at the college level. Thank you for putting together such a great event for these athletes.

Eva Moser – Mother of Trent Moser
Exposure is what the Top Prosecpt Camps give you. With thousands of players out there you can’t wait and hope for a school to come see you.

After attending the TOP PROSPECTS camp last year we received phone calls and e-mails from top college and Major League teams. One year later, my son Brian signed a Major League contract with the Kansas City Royals totaling over $255K.

Thanks Quakes Baseball!

R. Peacock
Quakes Baseball Academy offers high level baseball instruction, along with top league play that uniquely emphasizes player development over winning games. And building character and a strong work ethic are integral parts of the program. John Elliott teaches the intricacies and nuances of the game in a blunt, no-nonsense style that is a breath of fresh air. For those who are serious about baseball and willing to work hard, there is no better baseball program anywhere. Under John’s tutelage, our son has made great strides as both a baseball player, and a young man.

Charley Hurst
Although Tyler is relatively new to the QuakesBaseballAcademy, he quickly realized that John Elliott is a very knowledgeable baseball man. Here is a quick example. Tyler told me that John is committed to a rotation swing and that he suggested that Tyler commit as well. The transition from a linear swing to rotational is significant. Tyler said this, “John knows what he is talking about. He backs up what he says by demonstrating the technique himself, showing pictures or a video or by explaining it in terms that are understandable to me.” What more can you say about John Elliott and his commitment to young baseball players. Simply put, The guy is a great coach and baseball professional. Tyler is very happy to be part of it.

Denny Chapman
To anyone interested in finding a baseball training program for your child I can not endorse the Quakes program highly enough. John Elliott is as far as I am concerned the foremost trainer, teacher, coach, facilitator, and counselor for all things baseball that you will find in Orange County. I have coached youth baseball for over 28 seasons and when it was time to turn over my son to someone else(for us it was about 12 years old), John was who we choose. As I look back over the last 7 years, and the things John said and did for my son, it is a similar feeling as realizing that everything your father told you came to pass and everything he tried to tell you was in your best interest. I hope that conveys my respect.

Martin Lee
The Top prospect camps have been the best Camps my son has attended. The caliber of coaches there is second to none. The exposure that Blake received from attending the camps was great, and is now receiving letters from a number of coaches that were at the camps. The camps have helped in developing the relationships with those coaches. I truly believe this has helped him get on the radar with Top colleges.

Frank Leyva – Father of Blake Leyva
John Elliott, Head Coach for the Newport Beach Quakes and President of Top Prospects Baseball Camps, has been a true inspiration, leader, coach, and advocate to our son, Quinn Renner. Quinn has been playing for John Elliott for the last five years and working out with Elliott’s conditioning / yoga / Pilates / velocity program since the program began. John Elliott not only has the wisdom from being a professional athlete, but has the gifted foresight of what it takes physically and psychologically to take baseball to the next level. We truly believe in John Elliott and what he stands behind.

Terry, Gina & Quinn Renner

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