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Spanish is an official language of 22 countries and has more than 400 million speakers worldwide native. Times are changing. The distance between Spain and the United States used to be huge, but with technology these days, two countries could also be neighbors. Businesses in London are in constant communication over the Internet with business in Buenos Aires. With the technology, is as if the sea between the two cities does not exist. There are more than 800 million English and Spanish speakers in the world combined. So no matter if your business is located in Dublin, Mexico City, New York or Madrid, employees fluent in English and Spanish are of great value.

Why come to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study Spanish? Argentina is an attractive option when it comes to studying the language for a variety of reasons, ranging from the excitement and energy of Buenos Aires, the options for travel both within Argentina and throughout Latin America. Buenos Aires is a metropolitan city with a rich history of immigrants from Italy, Spain and throughout Europe. The vitality of the city is evident in the lively art scene, the culture of football seriously, and various street fairs throughout Buenos Aires. What is more, Buenos Aires, while a large city offers plenty to see and do much more affordable to travel to Europe. The amount of variety within the city is amazing. Within the city of Buenos Aires will be exposed to the culture of Buenos Aires, which is the result of the different cultures of people who came to his house in Buenos Aires to those who come visiting. The city is large, but very easy to move in, allowing you to take advantage of all the city has to offer.

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Ibero Spanish School is offering a special course Spanish teaching appropriate business and financial jargon that is used in the workplace. The course consists of private or semi-private and must have a minimum 10 hours per week. The main objective of the course is not only the student get comfortable with finance companies and vocabulary in Spanish, but teach how to create sentences and think in Spanish, while in the workplace. The course will also focus on business customs in the workplace in Latin America and how one should go about building business relationships.

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