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Free College Education from Elite Colleges

Whilethe price of a college education rises every year, there are now more free online courses available than ever before. While you won't earn college credit for thesefree courses, you can learn for free from such prestigious schools as Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale, and more. There are no fees, no tests, and no set schedule. It is all about learning for the joy of learning, and you can access the lectures whenever you wish. I personally don't believe you can ever have too much knowledge. You can get started by going to free education,or you can access courses directly from a university website.

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Financial Theory

Yale economics professor explains the role of the current financial system in the global economy. He also explores the thinking behind hedge funds in this lecture on financial theory. He received his Ph.D from Harvard University in economics. He has received multiple awards and has been a visiting professor at Harvard, Cambridge, UPENN, MIT, and Stanford. Now you can hear one of his lectures in your own home.

Human Behavioral Biology

Another Stanford University professor explains the biological factors that influence behaviors in his extensive and engaging course that includes twenty-five lectures! This course may help you become a better businesspersonthrough exploringdifferent human behaviors. All can be foundonline now. He is a Ph.D in neuroendocrinology from Rockefeller University, andhe holds joint appointments in the biology, neurology, and neurosurgery departments at Stanford University.

Harvard Business School

Not all of us have the time and money to attend Harvard Business School, but now you too can receive lessons from some of the brightest business minds on the planet. Learn about leadership, entrepreneurship, traits of successfulbusinesses,and much more.

Search Engines, Technology, and Business

A doctor from UC Berkeley explores search rankings, anti-spam efforts, google, search auctions, and more in this lecture. She received her Ph.D from UC Berkeley in Computer Science, and she has been a research staff member at Xerox PARC in the past.

Science, Magic, and Religion

While this isn't business related, it is quite interesting for those that enjoy history. There is a doctor with a Ph.D with interests in the history of science and religion. This includes how cultures have viewed magic over time.

Stanford's Mini Med School

As a physician, I can't help but post this online lecture series as well. The mini med-school series includes over 30 scientists and physicians that lecture on health care and medical research. There are three sections with approximately ten videos in each section. Each lecture lasts almost 2 hours, so find a comfortable chair or couch for this one.

If you still want more free lectures, check outitunes and youtube. iTunes even allows you to download the lectures to a mobile device, which is perfect for a long car trip. Becoming rich starts with a solid education. You don't need a PhD, but you do need knowledge.

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