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While the match anglers we're busy on Lake 6...

While the match anglers we're busy on Lake 6, the 16 anglers for the 24 hour match went to their respective swims on Lakes 3 and 4, bivvied up and waited for the whistle to start. Lake 4 anglers got off to a great start whilst all those on Lake 3 waited patiently for someone to be the first to catch.

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In the meantime the match anglers we're catching well. They finished slightly earlier than planned due to the arrival of the aforementioned firemen who came to put out a barn fire and suggested that anglers may want to vacate their swims. They weren't aware of the dedication of the Golden Balls anglers who all decided to stay put !!

The match results:

1st Place John Chambers 111lb 6oz

2nd Place Bob Fitt 90lb 3oz

3rd Place Terry Golding 85lb 8oz

The Junior results :

1st Place Tom Chambers 53lb 12oz

2nd Place Lewis Chambers 11lb 4oz

By the time night drew in Roy Ferguson on Lake 4 was doing well but Lake 3 was still quiet. That changed through the night with Dawn Hogg, Tracey Slee and Nat Webb all catching but it wasnt enough to beat those on Lake 4 where Adam Bridgland, Nathan Hill and Roy Ferguson we're all keeping Trevor very busy with their catches.

Thanks have to go to the Marshalls, Karen & Trevor Dyer . Trevor got very little sleep during the night!

The final results:

1st Place Roy Ferguson 76lb 4oz

2nd Place Nathan Hill 43lb

3rd Place Nat Webb 33lb 12oz

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