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Random Thoughs from Childhood Series Hospital Stay

Mat's Memories From Childhood

The police cruiser arrives at the Philadelphia Eye Institute and I'm whisked inside where a nurse places me into a wheelchair. I see the officer talking to a lady as he turns and smiles at me, then turns and leaves the building. That is the last time I saw the officer who helped me. I'm wheeled back to a room where I get placed into a special chair with funny looking equipment attached to it. The doctor slides the equipment over to my face and asks me to stay still while he looks into my good eye first and then the damaged eye. He looks into the damaged eye in silence and only shakes his head side to side. He pushes his chair back and tells me to relax. He grabs some eye drops and places several into both eyes and then places patches on both eyes. He tells me that the nurse will be in to take me to my room. I sit in darkness and run through the events in my head that landed me here in the hospital. I become scared for the first time as the sinking feeling of isolation sets in and wonder whether anyone knows that I'm at this hospital. The nurse comes and assures me that everything will be okay and proceeds to wheel me to my room. I want to cry but, fear the tears will sting. I get placed into a bed and I'm told that they need to set an IV line and that I will feel a little prick. The nurse says she is finished and again tells me that it will be okay. She tells me that the medicine they are giving me will help me sleep. I feel warmth crawling up my arm and become scared and then suddenly everything goes blank.

I'm gently woken up, what I think is the next day, and told someone is in the room to see me. I then hear my moms sobbing voice asking me how I feel. She then tells me that this is her third day of coming to see me, but I've been asleep. I feel really groggy and slip in and out of consciousness. I'm awoken again by a nurse and told to try and eat my breakfast and that afterwards she would give me a sponge bath. I barely eat and wait for the nurse to return. I try to open my eyes but, see only darkness. I reach up with my hands to feel my face and realize that the patches are still on both eyes. I've lost all sense of time and place. My head is so cloudy at this point and I can barely finish a thought before it drifts out of my reach. I hate how I feel! The nurse returns and begins to bath me. The warm water feels so good, as the sponge runs over my body. I'm told that the IV will be removed later on today, and I drift back to sleep.

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The nurse gently awakes me and I open my eyes and see what I think is an angel standing at the foot of my bed. She tells me to eat my breakfast and then I would be getting another sponge bath. I place my hands on my face and feel that I still have a patch on my right eye but, the patch was removed from my left eye. I don't feel as groggy this time and start to look around the room to see my surroundings. The room is small with two chairs against a wall and a nightstand next to my bed with a phone. I pull my breakfast toward me and attempt to eat. The nurse returns and tells me that I really need to eat more to get better and asks me if I'm ready to get my sponge bath. I nod my head yes and she proceeds to bath me. She finishes and tells that she now has to give me an enema. What is an enema? I soon find out! The nurse has officially lost her angel status.

A week had passed before the other patch got removed from my right eye. I see a doctor everyday but, sense there is nothing that can be done and feel that I've become a case study. I had to sit through as ten plus doctors took turns looking at my eye and talking to one another about seeing crystals in the back of my eye and how the pupil was irregular. Not a single doctor talked to me. I especially hated having the pressure of my eye taken. The machine had to be touching the eye and had a purple light I had to stare directly into without blinking and then a puff air was shot into the eye. It quickly became apparent that seeing a doctor was painful and very uncomfortable. How I longed to leave this place!

I was sent back to my room and told to try and use the bathroom on my own. I walked into the bathroom and got my first look at my face since the accident. It was black and blue around my right eye with the whites of my eye red with blood. The pupil was torn and my vision had not improved since that last time I had looked out that eye prior to arriving at the hospital. I attempt to use the bathroom and then return to my bed. I was given pills to take that made me very drowsy. I awake later in the day to find my mom sitting in the chair. She sees that I had opened my eyes and stands to approach me. She asks how I feel and tells me that all I do is sleep. She says that she asked the nurses not to drug me so much but, was not sure they listened. A nurse walks in and tells me that I have a special person on the phone that wants to talk to me. My mom turns to the nurse and before she can say anything is asked to leave the room to give me privacy. The nurse says go ahead and pick up the phone and then walks out. I pick up the phone and the voice on the other side is my dad. I can't believe I'm talking to my dad! I'm asked how I feel and how he wished he could be here with me. We talked for a short while and he told me he had to go because he was calling from overseas but, would call me again in a couple of days. I said bye and hung up the phone. It was so good to hear my dads voice! It had been almost two years. My mom returned to the room and asked me who was on the phone? I simply said dad. Nothing else was said. She came over and kissed my forehead and said she had to leave and would try to come and see me tomorrow. I got to talk to my dad several more times, my mom came to see me almost every day, and even Ivy House kids came to see me over the next two weeks. Three weeks had passed and I finally was getting released to return to Ivy House. I was so excited to be leaving the hospital that I rushed through my goodbyes with the nursing staff and asked to be taken home.

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