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Wondersome Storytime is a resource for parents and teachers to help introduce the wonders of children's literature. Each posting will include the storyline of a favorite book,target age group and at least 2 activities to enhance the reader's and/or listener's learning and enjoyment.So, whether you are a mom snuggled on the couch with your 3 year old or a preschool teacher joining your class in the story circle, I hope that this blog will help to make your StoryTime experience Wondersome.

Sal Grows Up - One Morning in Maine

One Morning in Main

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Laptime: preschool - early elementary

Story Circle: Kindergarten - early elementary

Remember little Sal toddling after her mother in Blueberries for Sal? In One Morning in Maine, Sal has grown up to be a big girl who has lost her first tooth. In my children's kindergarten and first grade classes there was always a Lost Tooth Chart. It was usually a big tooth on a bulletin board decorated with pictures of classmates who had lost a tooth; each big smile showing a gap in a different place. It was an honor to have your picture posted on the tooth. I always looked at the pictures with the bittersweet sense of wonder that our babies we're growing up. The first lost tooth truly is a rite of passage from babyhood to being a big girl or boy.

In One Morning in Maine, Sal looses her tooth while digging for clams with her father. It disappears right into the mud. Sal shows what a grown up girl she is becoming in the way that she handles the disappointment of the lost tooth, the way that she cares for her little sister, and in the way that she imaginatively solves the problem of not being able to put the tooth under her pillow to get her secret wish. The illustrations in this Caldecott Honor Book give insight into life in Maine in 1952 and make you want to be there to enjoy the wind and the waves , the gulls and the clam chowder.

Laptime Activities

  1. Start a Lost Tooth scrapbook. Fill it with gapped grins from various family members. Don't forget to include pictures of parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents when they lost their first teeth.
  2. Make clam chowder for lunch. Have an ice cream cone for dessert.

Story Circle Activities

  1. In the story Sal discusses with her father which animals have teeth and which ones don't. Make a large collage with one side covered in pictures of animals that have teeth and the other side covered in pictures of birds and animals that don't have teeth. You will need: Large sheet of butcher paper with a line drawn down the middle and the words - Teeth and No Teeth - written on each half. Pictures of animals, birds, fish, reptiles, etc., scissors, glue stick. Take some time before class to pull the pictures from magazines of different animals and birds. Try to find enough pictures with teeth and without so that your collage will have good balance and everyone will have a picture to cut out. Put all of the pictures out on a table and have each child cut around one picture. When all of the pictures have been cut out, put them in a basket. One at a time ask each child to pick a picture out of the basket and ask the class if it is has teeth or no teeth. Then rub glue stick on the back of the picture and have the child put it on the butcher paper on the correct side.
  2. Clam Chowder for snack time. Buy a good canned version of clam chowder and heat it up in a crock pot. Spoon it into small hot/cold cups. Be sure and serve it with lots of crackers just in case some kids don't like the chowder.

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