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Wondersome Storytime is a resource for parents and teachers to help introduce the wonders of children's literature. Each posting will include the storyline of a favorite book,target age group and at least 2 activities to enhance the reader's and/or listener's learning and enjoyment.So, whether you are a mom snuggled on the couch with your 3 year old or a preschool teacher joining your class in the story circle, I hope that this blog will help to make your StoryTime experience Wondersome.

I Love Spiders! - The Very Busy Spider

The Very Busy Spider

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Laptime: toddler - early elementary

Story Circle: toddler - early elementary

Shhhh! I'll tell you a secret, I don't really love spiders. But I do love spider webs. We have these great big barn spiders that spin the most beautiful webs on my front porch during the summer. They are true works of art. Eric Carle's busy spider works hard throughout the story even though various barnyard friends invite her to come and join them. On each page the spider diligently spins her web so that as the story moves her web grows. This is a tactile book. The spider web is raised as well at the wings of the fly and the spider's legs. As you share this book during your Laptime be sure and let your child feel each page. If you are reading this book for Story Circle, put the book out in your book corner or library center so that the children can take turns feeling the spider web.

Laptime Activities:

  1. Take a walk and look for spiders and spider webs.
  2. Capture a spider and put it in a jar for closer observation. Be sure to let it go later.
  3. If you have dangerous spiders around your home, learn the difference between a helpful spider and a poisonous one. Look in books or on the internet for pictures and information about where the dangerous spiders like to live.

Story Circle Activities:

  1. Plans for a spider unit.
  2. Make a string spider web sculpture:

You will need:

  • string or yarn
  • white glue
  • water
  • plastic cup
  • waxed paper
  • pencils
  • drawing paper
  • newspaper
  • paper clips

How to do it:

  1. Cover the table with newspaper.
  2. Mix 2 parts white glue with 1 part water in a plastic cups.
  3. Cut drawing paper size pieces of wax paper - one for each child.
  4. Give each child a piece of drawing paper and a pencil.
  5. Draw a simple spider web. Be sure that it is not too complicated.
  6. Cover the drawing with wax paper and secure with paper clips.
  7. Soak the string or yarn in the glue mixture. Squeeze it out so it doesn't drip.
  8. Lay the string over the outline until you have covered all of the lines of the drawing with string. It is alright if the string overlaps itself.
  9. If you have to use another piece of string be sure that the ends overlap a piece that is already a part of the picture.
  10. For a stronger sculpture double the strings.
  11. Let the webs dry overnight and in the morning peel off the wax paper.
  12. Your spider webs are ready to hang.
  13. If a part of the web doesn't hold well, put it back on the wax paper and glue it with full strength white glue. Let dry completely.

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