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When choosing an educational therapist for your child

When choosing an educational therapist for your child, you want to feel confident that their personality and professional background fit the needs and temperament of your child. I offer a free consultation so that we have the chance to get to know one another to see if we are a good fit.

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Once a client and I start working together I establish communication with the students' teachers and family members to create appropriate goals and prioritize content. I make a point of collaborating and maintaining transparency in order to lead to an increased sense of understanding for team members, and empowerment for the student.

Strategies for ADD and ADHD learners

I use proved strategies to enable and teach ADD and ADHD learners to:

  • Get started
  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Learn how it feels to pay attention
  • Execute work in a systematic manner
  • Organize thoughts and information to improve writing skills
  • Slow down to improve reading comprehension
  • Learn to slow down and self monitor
  • Manage materials
  • Study effectively
  • Internalize positive habits and workarounds that apply to classroom and real-world situations
  • Return to the moment when feeling scattered
  • Overcome the anxiety response

Reading, writing and literacy instruction

I meet my students at their level, using systematic, multi-sensory approaches that teach to the intellect. No single program perfectly fits every learner, and I have spent years learning a variety of approaches in order to most effectively customize the program to the clients needs.

Reading and writing are complicated endeavors, and there are a number of areas in which someone may need support. I assess each student to determine their areas of need, and target instruction appropriately.

Mathematics remediation and skill building

Strong comprehension and consistent performance in mathematics requires an understanding of the basic principles, and the ability to visualize the big picture.

I bring my students beyond rote memorization. By providing a structure and making connections to pictures, my students come to understand the flow and patterns of math facts and procedures.

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