At Quakes Baseball Academy we offer many training programs at our facility in Lake Forest, CA. We have ongoing conditioning programs for our travel team and college athletes.  Some of the programs we offer are Yoga, Pilates, VertiMax, Plyometrics, arm training, and other baseball related fitness programs.  We offer nutrition programs for athletes who want to keep their body in tip top shape for their sport. We have summer and winter programs for athletes that want to get in the best shape of their life, through fine-tuning their food, as well as specific fitness programs. We also have field training with our travel teams. The foremost goals of our conditioning and training sessions are to teach mechanics, instruct on specific techniques, provide confidence and add energy to each and every one of the participants.  See our calendar below for our days and times of all Quakes activities, tournaments and games.

To take part in any or all of the programs please email us at and we will get you setup with a tryout and/or facility tour.
Quakes Baseball – Schedule

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