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— My son has attended “Top Prospect” camps for the past two years and was recruited from the camp in the summer of 2016. This camp is well run and the coaches really get to see all of the players. Unlike some of the other camps, this one is kept small so all players get plenty of time in the front of the coaches. Without this Ivy Camp our son would not be playing at an Ivy League school this year!   —K.T.

— The top Prospects Camp is a great environment for learning the game and what college coaches and pro scouts are looking for in a players.   
– Coach Greg Bergeron, Cal State Long Beach

— I have been attending Quakes since 2007.  It has become a “must go” for us from a recruiting standpoint. John Elliott has designed a camp that, in my view, is the perfect combination of showcase, instruction, and game play. Student athletes who attend get the opportunity to show what they can do, and just as importantly, get to know the coaches for whom they may someday play. We have recruited many players out of this camp and that is why Yale will continue to be a presence there.
– Coach John Stuper, Yale

— You won’t find a baseball camp that instructs the way Professionally Baseball is played, like Top Prospects. There aren’t many instruction schools, if any, that will work for your son to attain a college opportunity like Top Prospects. Over the years I have been able to see firsthand young players mature into college prospects and some with a chance to start their Professional careers.    
– Doug Deutsch Houston Astros
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